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About HR Outsourcing Services

As one of the top HR Outsourcing provider companies in Vietnam, Talentnet has a unique capacity to combine international methodology with local expertise to provide HR outsourcing solutions that best match clients' needs. On major projects, Talentnet can assemble a team of local HR experts from its partner network. Additionally, they exhibit a high degree of commitment and customer service, which guarantees that project results are consistently delivered on schedule and with excellent quality.

HR Outsourcing is one of Talentnet's primary services with a large database of over 60,000 candidates from varied business segments. Our service has been used by more than 150 multinational & local companies across industries.

Approach & Commitment
Excellence Execution: Every single specialist execute right first time:

  • 100% Punctuality
  • 100% Accuracy
  • 100% Compliance

Best Customer Service: consistent quality, capable and stable Service Delivery Team commit:

  • Qualified candidates provided within 5 working days
  • 100% clients and contractors’ queries were responded to within 24 hours
  • Hotline ready to serve Contractor: 19007131


  • A global-standard working process, utilizing different methods of search and selection for diverse job categories. 
  • Leading technology solutions in operations (E-Recruitment, E-Training, DMS Mobile applications, HR integrated system/software).


  • A management team averaging 10 years of experience, deep market insight in field force, sales force, administration outsourcing services
  • A delivery team averaging 7- 8 years of experience in customer service
  • An in-house IT team to support with system interfaces, configurations and customized reports.

Benefits to Clients

  • Excellent compliance with recruitment process & labor regulations
  • Shortening time to hire
  • Increasing quality of hires
  • Efficient headcount controlling
  • Flexible workforce to cover short-term needs or additional project resources
  • Fast & Accurate HR analytic reports
  • Enhancing Employee Experience
  • Enabling the HR department to focus on strategic initiatives

Featured Insights

Our Services

With Employment Service, Talentnet shall be the legal Employer of Clients’ headcounts and those headcounts are assigned to Clients to implement specific tasks.
As an Employer of Record (EOR), the scope of this service typically includes the following:

  • Contractor Employment and Labor Management: Employees are under employment with Talentnet in terms of payroll processing, HR document-related tasks, the compulsory duty to relevant authorities, and HR consultancy with strict compliance to the applicable legislation.
  • Benefits Management: In addition to compulsory insurance, Talentnet supports Clients to register and manage other types of benefits, such as Extra Medical Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, and so on, if required.
  • Business expenses and reimbursement management: Talentnet supports Contractors to claim business expenses with a transparent and accurate Reimbursement Process as well as guidance on the financial invoice, verify supporting documents and reimburse or offset cash advances.

A new, quick, and efficient way of bringing temporary personnel onboard to address certain situations.
The scope of Staffing Service typically includes:

  • Recruitment and Replacement: Upon receiving the Client’s requirements regarding qualifications, working experience, and job description, Talentnet will send staff or candidates for interview and select the best fit for the Client. A replacement is guaranteed in case the selected candidate resigns or the Client is unsatisfied with the Contractor’s performance.
  • Contractor Employment and Labor Management: Talentnet offers professional employment with qualified employees who pass clients’ interviews or meet requirements regarding qualifications and working experience to a specific service or task (known as “contractors”). Mentioned employees are managed by Talentnet in terms of payroll processing, document-related tasks, and HR consultancy with strict compliance with the Laws.
  • Benefits Management: In addition to compulsory insurance, Talentnet supports Clients to register and manage other types of benefits, such as Extra Medical Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, and so on, if required.
  • Business expenses and reimbursement management: Talentnet supports Contractors to claim business expenses with a transparent and accurate Reimbursement Process as well as guidance on the financial invoice and verifying supporting documents and reimbursement or offset cash.

Pre-Employment Check service helps Clients with background checks and verification for pre-employment purposes. This service applies to new hires and existing employees. Turnaround time typically ranges between 5 and 15 days depending on what information needs to be recovered about your prospective employee.
Scope of Pre-employment Check service includes:

  • Employment History Check: to verify information related to the position, dates of employment, and reason for leaving
  • Reference Check: whereby former supervisors are contacted to ascertain past reputation and performance.
  • Social Media Check: which involves printed media and online to ascertain whether any detrimental information has ever been reported.
  • Educational Check: to verify whether the candidate has indeed studied and graduated as per the information provided.
  • Professional Qualifications: to verify whether the professional certifications are genuine.

Provide recruitment services for a large number of positions or middle-level positions in a certain period to companies and organizations that need business expansion and market development.

  • Search & identify potential candidates
  • Pre-screen, assess, verify candidates’ skills and qualification
  • Provide candidate shortlist bet-fit to clients’ requirements
  • Arrange for final interviews between individuals & Company
  • Contact and prepare offers
  • Update recruitment progress and report

RPO is an outsourced HR solution in which companies transfer to the Recruitment Service Provider to manage some or all parts of the entire recruitment process and related talent management functions.

RPO service provider operates as a strategic business partner day-to-day working with Clients to implement assigned recruitment processes, improve the quality of hires, increase delivery speed and boost cost-efficiency.



HR Shared Service Outsourcing is an end-to-end solution to centralize all administrative activities into one 'hub'.
The shared service model can help businesses reduce costs, avoid duplication of effort, and allow a greater focus on HR strategy.

HR Shared

Full HR Outsourcing Services is a total solution package that enables clients to implement required services, ensuring the constant availability of personnel, service performance management, and replacement.

The scope of this service includes:

  • Provide resources as per service requirement
  • Train and send the Contractor to deliver service at a specific site
  • Manage Service Performance
  • Allocate resources upon specific requirements from Clients
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    Talentnet, especially the recruitment consultant team always make me trust and pleased with their efficiency and high quality service.

    Ms. Truong Hong Thuy
    HR Business Partner & Talent Acquisition Manager, Standard Chartered Bank,

    High level of professionalism, market understanding, dedication to what you do, and a great deal of customer orientation that do not always exist in many other places

    Ms. Alexis Pham
    HR Head, British American Tobacco,

    Both the functional & technical consultants were knowledgeable, engaging, willing, & flexible. Talentnet team was able to work through the difficulties & meet our requirements.

    Mr. Ian Hastings
    IT Director, Johnson & Johnson,

    Complete willingness to engage with us from the very beginning & throughout the entire project; thoroughly professional and competent team members – technical, functional & project management; and ability to add value across the entire business process chain.

    Mr. Ian Hastings
    IT Director, Johnson & Johnson,

    Solve immediate customer problems, provide great client service, ensure customer service agreements.

    Mr. Huynh Nhan Hieu
    HR Manager-Talent Acquisition, GSK,