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Ms. Hoa Nguyen

Hoa Nguyen

Talentnet Corporation

Ms. Hoa Nguyen is the Senior Principal of Mercer Surveys and HR Consulting Business Unit at Talentnet Corporation, the exclusive partner of Mercer in Vietnam.

With more than 15-year experience in Mercer surveys and HR consulting field, she has a profound understanding of the Vietnam labor market and strong relationship with HR leaders and key contacts within this field. Being the project leader for HR consulting projects with leading local companies and multinational companies, she has extensive experience working with clients across 18 industries such as Banking, Fund Management, Consumer Goods, High Tech, Oil and Mining, Life Science, Chemical, Manufacturing, ….  

Being one of the leading HR consultants in Vietnam, Hoa has also been a regular guest speaker for many domestic events and Mercer global events to share with the audience the most updated HR trends and practices of the Vietnam labour market.


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