Mercer Mercer Mercer is the World Leader in Remuneration & Human Resource Surveys with 30+ years experience in Remuneration & HR surveys. With more than 20,500 employees and operations in over 180 countries it is proud to provide its clients with global reach and a local touch.
ADP Streamline ADP Streamline Talentnet is a local partner of ADP Streamline® in Vietnam. We guarantee the services with highest level of accuracy and security to our clients.
Emergenetics Emergenetics Emergenetics is a simple (but not simplistic), easy-to-understand psychometric assessment that was developed based on over 30 years of research, to distinctively measure how people think and behave. Established in 1991, Emergenetics has been presented to top leaders and executives in 5 continents, 79 countries, more than 1800 certified associates worldwide and still growing. First brought to Vietnam by Talentnet in 2017, Emergenetics is believed to be a simpler, easier way to understand people and drive business results, by giving a new edge of leadership approach, interpersonal strategies and more.
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