HR Service for new Businesses

27/06/2015, 16:16

What are the most concerns when you are to set up new company in other countries, including Vietnam?

  • The different working and business culture?
  • The understanding the new business and labor law?
  • The administration workload?
  • The recruitment of right person with appropriate capabilities?


For a newly set-up company, it is no doubt that company will pay great attention to their business strategy in response to the new working conditions and environment leading to the competitive position in the new market. Besides, there are still some main tasks which can be seen as a must for any market entry like: recruiting the key talents, business legal and labor law compliance, other administration tasks relating…  Therefore, in order to same time for company to focus on its strategy and business, the common solution of most of new companies is to cooperate with one reliable, professional and knowledgeable local HR partner so that they can both minimize the risks and leverage the expertise of service provider for the business enhancement.

Understanding those challenges, Talentnet with nearly 20 years in Vietnam labor market, is offering a wide range of HR services for newly set-up businesses in Vietnam including recruitment managerial people, payroll outsourcing, staffing and administration outsourcing, human resources consulting… Inherited from HR Services of PricewaterhouseCoopers Vietnam, Talentnet is well-acknowledged as a leading HR consulting firm in Vietnam, especially for supporting setting up a new company in Vietnam.

Talentnet Excutive Search:

  • The biggest pool of senior employees, especially management level up
  • The longest established executive search service
  • Strong network with both MNCs and big locals for more valuable advices
  • Specialized industry: Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Hi-Tech, Manufacturing and Retail
  • Specialized functions: HR, Finance and Accounting, IT, Engineer

Talentnet Payroll and HR Outsourcing:

  • Partner of ADP Streamline, the global leader of payroll outsourcing
  • Standardized global process
  • Vietnam labor law expertise
  • Consultants with solid experiences and in-depth knowledge
  • Focus on updated and innovative technology to ensure the confidentiality and security

Mercer Salary Surveys in association with Talentnet:

  • The most comprehensive remuneration report
  • The biggest number of survey participants
  • The global leading methodology
  • The longest established survey in Vietnam
  • Valuable advice on remuneration report analysis and insights

Talentnet HR Consulting:

  • International standard but local understanding
  • In-depth experiences with many big local and MNCs
  • Consultants with high expertise in HR management
  • Good insights about the company status and CEOs, Management Board
  • One of the leading HR consulting firm in Vietnam


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