HR Services for new Businesses

27/06/2015, 16:16

When establishing a new business outside of your own country, what concerns you?

  • Maybe it’s trying to understand a new business culture?
  • Maybe it’s the complexities of a ‘new’ country’s labor laws?
  • Maybe it’s managing the unknown quantity of an administrative workload?
  • Or is it the recruitment of the most qualified people and how to find them?

For any company trying to get established in a country new to them, it is essential to focus business strategies in the right direction and with the right support in response to an as yet unfamiliar working environment.  Choosing the right partner from the beginning can lead your company to a competitive position within the new market faster and better prepared.  Of course, there are always challenges to overcome: the recruitment of key talent, the complexities and rules of the labor laws, compliance regulations and what can sometimes feel like overwhelming administrative tasks. 

The most common solution for alleviating your concerns and let’s face it, stress, is to associate from the beginning with a trustworthy, credible, reliable, professional and knowledgeable local HR partner.  This synergistic relationship ensures that you can save time and focus on your company’s strategy and business while we help to minimize your risks, leveraging our expertise for the ultimate success of your business. 

Talentnet’s leaders have nearly 20 years’ experience advising companies about the Vietnam labor market and we profoundly understand the HR related challenges for any new market entry into Vietnam.  We offer a comprehensive range of HR services from:

  •  How to best set up a business in Vietnam
  •  Recruitment of your key managerial staff
  •  Talent mapping
  •  Payroll outsourcing
  •  Employee staffing
  •  Administration outsourcing
  •  Human resource consulting 

Inherited from the HR Services of PricewaterhouseCoopers Vietnam, Talentnet is well-placed and respected as the leading HR consulting firm in Vietnam, especially for a new company during their settling in process.

Talentnet Executive Search:

  • The biggest pool of senior employees, particularly from management level up
  • The longest established executive search service in Vietnam
  • Strong network with both MNCs and big locals for continued valuable advice
  • Specialized industries: Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Hi-Tech, Manufacturing, Chemical, Oil & Mining, Property/Construction, Pharma and Retail
  • Specialized functions: HR, Finance and Accounting, IT, Engineering

Talentnet Payroll and HR Outsourcing:

  • Partner of ADP Streamline, the global leader of payroll outsourcing
  • Standardized global process
  • Vietnamese labor law expertise
  • Consultants with solid experience and in-depth knowledge
  • Focus on updated and innovative technologies to ensure the highest levels of confidentiality and security

Mercer Salary Surveys in association with Talentnet:

  • The most comprehensive remuneration report
  • The biggest number of survey participants
  • The global leading methodology
  • The longest established survey in Vietnam
  • Valuable advice on remuneration report analysis and insights

Talentnet HR Consulting:

  • International standards with local understanding
  • In-depth experience with many big local and MNCs
  • Consultants with expertise in HR management
  • Good insight about the company status and CEOs, Management Board
  • One of the leading HR consulting firms in Vietnam
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