Labour Contract and Key Issues in Labour Relations

13/09/2018, 00:00

On the 7th of September, the workshop “Labour Contract and Key Issues in Labour Relations”, organised by Talentnet, attracted more than 250 HR professionals with fruitful sharing from local legal experts.

More than 250 HR professionals attended workshop

This is a Talentnet annual event which aims to provide practical and up-to-date information highly demanded by the HR community. This year’s workshop focused on common issues to consider in labour relations, and discussions of practical business cases from judicial authorities, labour inspectors, and a guest speaker from the Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs.

Those who attended the workshop were updated on the latest changes in Labour Laws, and had the opportunity to have concerns or questions regarding labour relations addressed.

The contribution of:

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dan, with the perspective of the Southern Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA);

Mrs. Nguyen Van Hanh Thuc, with her expertise as an inspector from the Department Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs;

And Mr. Bui Lien Minh, with his deep knowledge from the Labour Court, has given our attendees truly in-depth and valuable insights, while answering business enquiries relating to Labour law. Additionally, the workshop brought up common mistakes businesses should take note of and avoid, and what decisions the Court would make in these situations through the direct dialogue with guest speakers.

Participating event, attendants were not only take fruitful and practical takeaways of work-related issues but also get a chance to receive our highlight booklet about key issues in labour contract and labour relations.

Our guest speakers

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong – Deputy CEO of Talentnet – Opening speech

Our presenter: Mr. Tran Ngoc Thich

Panel discussion sessions

Many concerns and questions were raised



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