Emergenetics© Asia Pacific Appoints Talentnet Corporation as Representative for Vietnam

14/06/2017, 00:00

13 JUNE 2017, HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM – Emergenetics Asia Pacific has appointed Talentnet Corporation as Country Representative for Vietnam. Ms Tieu Yen Trinh, General Director of Talentnet, also an Emergenetics associate, will be assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Emergenetics Vietnam.

As Country Representative, Talentnet will be bringing Emergenetics suite of products and solutions to organisations and individuals in Vietnam, embedding the Emergenetics Profiling system within leadership development, talent development, and organisation development solutions.

Originating from the Human Resource Services team of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Talentnet has almost 20 years of experience in the Vietnamese labour market, and is recognised as the leading Human Resource (HR) consultancy firm in Vietnam. Trinh, who is leading Emergenetics Vietnam is also a well-known expert and thought-leader in the HR industry not only in Vietnam but regionally.

“We are passionate about develop talent and organisations in Vietnam, and we believe that Emergenetics is a strategic tool that leaders and teams can benefit from in helping them realise their potential and achieve business results,” says Trinh. “We are thankful for this opportunity to partner with a global organisation such as Emergenetics, with whom we share a similar vision for the development of talent in Vietnam, and similar values, and we look forward to serving and making a difference to the wider community in Vietnam together.”

“Talentnet is well recognised for its pursuit of excellence and dedication in making developing leaders, teams and organisations. I am most impressed by the high standards and level of professionalism of the staff members of Talentnet, and the personal vision and passion of Trinh in wanting to make a positive impact on the people and organisations of Vietnam. I have full confidence that the team would do a brilliant job in leveraging Emergenetics to help leaders and organisations achieve their goals,” says Terence Quek, CEO of Emergenetics Asia Pacific. “We are thankful to Trinh and her team for working closely alongside us, and for choosing to be part of this global family.”

While the agreement has just been inked, Talentnet has already the organised the “Meeting of the Minds”, a one-day signature Emergenetics Workshop, for close to 40 business leaders, key HR decision makers, and independent consultants, as well as the first Emergenetics Certification Programme in Vietnam. Trinh and her team has also organised a CEO Breakfast Forum where some 30 CEOs, Chairmans of Groups, and key business heads of foreign MNCs based in Vietnam and Vietnamese corporations had the opportunity to hear from Terence his views on managing teams in a fast-paced, VUCA world, as well as to have an experience of the Emergenetics profile.

The global Emergenetics family officially welcomes Talentnet for coming on-board, and we would like to extend our heartiest congratulation to Trinh on her appointment!


Please click here if you are interested in Emergenetics test. Our consultants will be back to you shortly.


Please click here if you are interested in Emergenetics test. Our consultants will be back to you shortly.

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