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16/08/2018, 00:00

With the mission to offer best HR solution to client, Talentnet’s Payroll & Outsourcing Services (POS) team has officially launched the its new service to Vietnam market, aiming to improve business efficiency and effectiveness. - So what is Full-service HR Outsourcing solution, and why does it matter to retailer?

Tailored to fit different local business demands from A to Z, the new service will provide not just fully trained workforce but also onsite management. Therefore, enterprises can be at ease when it comes to dealing with field force such as sales staff, marketing staff or sales support...Below are some highlights of the service:

Mass Recruitment: A service for those in need of an immediate, large quantity of workforce for their sales forces, field forces, marketing staff, etc.

Training & Qualifications: Quick training solutions for staff, tailored to the business, in preparation for fast transition into the work force.

Integrated Human Resource Management System & GPS-based Workforce allocation: Control and manage employee information, attendance, deployment, while providing support to the employees via the following systems:

  • Contractor Information Systems (CIS and HR Services mobile application): Manage employee information & maximise staff support.
  • E-training: Online training website for training, testing and deploying employees.
  • Hotline 1900 7131: Professional switchboard to answer any employee queries.
  • Daily Management System (DMS Web and GPS application): Employee attendance management system with real time digital recording and positioning of all workplace activities.

Additionally, to deliver quality support for your growing business, we have a number of other Payroll & Outsourcing services, with guaranteed absolute confidentiality, accuracy and compliance. These services include:

  • Payroll management – utilising internationally standardized processes to provide you with timesheets, data system solutions, internal management reports, and more;
  • Insurance management – taking care of all activities related to compulsory insurance, such as social, health, and unemployment insurance;
  • Personal Income Tax management – compiling all necessary declarations, filings, and payments related to Personal Income Tax (PIT) for employees;
  • And other services related to Payroll & Outsourcing.

For further information and support, please contact us via

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