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About Talentnet-Mercer Salary Surveys

In March 2008, Talentnet entered into an agreement with Mercer, a leading global human resources and business consulting firm, to be Mercer’s exclusive association in Vietnam. Since then, Talentnet has been providing:

  • Mercer Total Remuneration (Salary) Survey (TRS)
  • HR consulting services for clients using Mercer’s methodology and in joined team with Mercer consultants
  • Mercer Learning training workshops.

About Mercer

Mercer is a global consulting firm in talent, health, retirement, and investment. With more than 20,500 employees and operations in over 180 countries, Mercer is proud to provide clients with global reach and a local touch, helping them get the best return on their investment in these fields. In HR, Mercer specializes in a wide range of consulting services, including salary surveys, total reward consulting, human capital solutions, workforce analytics and planning, leadership, and organizational performance.

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  • The first Salary Survey in Vietnam. The biggest, most reliable salary survey. Our 2015 TRS had 520 companies from 15 industries submitting remuneration data of more than 211,816 employes across Vietnam.
  • Our 2015 Vietnam Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) provides detailed data of 2,305 benchmarking positions (by Job and Position Class Range).
  • Survey participants are mostly well-established multi-national companies and leading local companies.
  • Since there is still a gap about pay between multi-national companies and local companies, we have separated database of these 2 groups so that clients can view market data more accurately and conveniently.
  • Consultants with many years of experience in the HR consulting field and solid experience with survey data to provide clients with insights of market data during the year. .


Total Remuneration Survey Report

a. The importance of the Total Remuneration Survey report in making your business strategy a success

Regarded as an important part of the overall HR strategy, a total remuneration strategy complements an organization’s people strategy by ensuring that fixed pay and incentives are targeted effectively to support business priorities. To achieve maximum return, an organization’s people strategy must be integrated with its total remuneration strategy.

How an organization pays its employees impacts on its capacity to attract the right people and motivate them to focus on business objectives. Your remuneration strategy will differentiate your organization from others in the job market and build the attractiveness of your organization in the eyes of leading talent. An effective remuneration strategy not only makes employees feel happy and more productive at work but also keeps your organization competitive and successful. Our Total Remuneration Survey enables you to develop and implement an effective remuneration strategy that complements your people strategy and, in turn, makes your business strategy a success.  

 b. What are the benefits of taking part in the Talentnet and Mercer Total Remuneration Survey?

As our survey subscriber, our survey report will help you to…

  • Access to the WIN (WORKFORCE INTELLIGENCE NETWORK®) system to compare your company’s data directly with your selected markets (two hours of WIN training will be provided)
  • Compare your company trendline with your selected market
  • Compare each of your employee’s pay with your selected market
  • Compare your HR practices and pay policies with the target market
  • Use market data to build or update your salary structure in order to maximize your salary and bonus budgets

As our survey participant, you will benefit from…

  • Having attendance at Pre-Survey & Post-Survey Seminar (two complimentary seats at the Post-Survey Seminar, worth US$ 800) to be shared about survey methodology and to be updated of the latest labor market trends
  • Having market information on salary increase, allowances, bonuses, other HR practices…
  • Having access to Mercer’s eIPE (electronic International Position Evaluation) system to evaluate the size of your positions
  • Having three complimentary hours of consultancy on job matching.

c. Process & Timeline

Benefits Survey Report

As our benefits survey subscriber, our benefits survey report will help you to…

  • Access to the MBM (Mercer Benefits Monitor) system to run various types of report to view market data and compare your company’s data directly with the market to understand the overall attractiveness of your benefits scheme
  • Know how companies set up their benefits plans for different employee groups
  • Use market data to build or to improve your benefits scheme in order to maximize your benefits budget..

Sample Report

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