Recruitment Consultant



1. Process/ Function:
a. Hiring & Selection:

_ Work with hiring managers to conduct recruitment process for all levels in POS.

_ Maintain and develop candidate pool which will be developed through internal sources, networking, advertising, referrals.

_ Search resumes, screen candidates, conduct interviews, prepare candidates shortlists, assist employment process for all levels in POS.

_ Ensure all the candidate profiles sent out to related stakeholders with detailed and useful assessment information of the candidates.

_ Follow up after interviews with both candidates and hiring managers, providing feedback to candidates and confirm next steps.

_ Work within the team to ensure real-time, accurate information on the market, and candidates

_ Exchange timely and necessary information with related internal stakeholders (HR, IT, Admin) in daily activities for task fulfillment


2. Employer Branding:

_ Collect inputs from the market and propose improvement initiatives towards Employer Branding strategies.

_ Design, prepare contents and visualizations for recruitment ads and be in responsible for having advertisements posted on the internet (or print media).


3. Database:

_ Develop database resources: conduct targeted selections, personal referrals and develop specific industries.

_ Maintain accurate records in the recruitment database concerning your job order fulfillment to continuously increase the professional level of your service.


2. Learning & Growth:

_ Self learning TA theory and methodologies via leveraging TLN’s resources and expertises

_ Proactively seek out learning resources internally/externally for professional knowledge updates and skill development.


3. Major challenges:

_ Finding right candidates that match with business needs.

_ Effective time management in fulfilling multiple job orders at the same time.

_ Effective balance between the quality and delivery speed of service to the internal stakeholders.

_ Being efficient in making targeted number of placements per month and reaching the standard Service Level Agreement (SLA).



1. Qualifications: 

_ Bachelor degree in any field, preferably in human resources and/or business administration


2. Experience:

a. Essential:

_ At least 1-2 years of working experience in recruitment or professional services function


b. Desirable:

_ At least 1-2 years of working experience in similar position


3. Abilities/Skills:

_ General HR knowledge and general market understanding in the industry in charge.

_ Highly-motivated, open hearted and positive attitude.

_ Professionalism, strong work ethic.

_ Emotional intelligence and ability to manage multiple stakeholders expectations/ demands.

_ Well-organized, ability to do multi-tasks and result-oriented.

_ Ability to work well with minimal supervision.

_ Ability to work in a team environment.

_ Possess good verbal and written communication skills.

_ Be proficient in MS office.

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