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Originating from the Human Resources Services unit of PricewaterhouseCoopers Vietnam, Talentnet is now acknowledged as the leading HR consulting firm in the country, with nearly 20 years experience in the local labor market. With the vision “Make a difference in the lives of every employee”, Talentnet is passionate about contributing to a better working life for Vietnamese employees through professional HR solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of Vietnamese and international clients.

Most clients are multinationals (of which half are Fortune 500 companies) and large Vietnamese companies, making Talentnet experienced in addressing various problems with customized solutions. Local understanding enhanced by international methodology from two global partners give Talentnet a greater understanding of organizations when providing suitable solutions.

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Our core values are at the heart of all we do as a company. There are three fundamental principles our people pursue on a daily basis when interacting with clients that are part of Talentnet’s DNA and reflected in every aspect of our endeavors.

Sincere care

Talentnet’s caring culture is deeply embedded within the company, enabling us to genuinely care about our clients and be dedicated to serving them fully. We know their industry and understand their specific goals and objectives. We come up with innovative HR solutions to help them remain competitive.

Connecting personality

Talentnet’s large connection with key HR market participants allows us to tap our depth of industry knowledge and expertise to uncover opportunities in the market.This along with our understanding of market trends and best practice make us more than equipped to deliver the best services to our clients.

High standards

Talentnet’s high standard of service is the result of nearly 20 years of experience in Vietnam’s labor market. This not only gives us an advantage in maintaining an edge over our competitors but also makes us a trusted partner of our clients.

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At Talentnet we have built a team that can deliver on what matters most to our clients. We are widely recognized as the one and only company in Vietnam providing full HR services and look forward to showing you why the advantages we hold make us the ideal choice.

  • As the oldest HR consulting service in Vietnam, with a 20-year history, Talentnet possesses an unparalleled understanding of the local labor market and knows how to best use this to the benefit of our clients.
  • Being the only HR consulting company in Vietnam providing a full suite of HR services, Talentnet keeps our clients ahead of the curve in today’s dynamic business world by supporting them not only in specific HR services but also in strategic HR planning and execution.
  • In staying up-to-date with the best international methods and processes thanks to our partnerships with Mercer & ADP Streamline - leading global HR service organizations - Talentnet professionalizes its HR consulting services towards international standards.  
  • Enjoying strong networks with prominent MNCs and local companies, Vietnamese and foreign business associations, educational institutions, government bodies, and the media, Talentnet plays an important role in Vietnam’s HR community.
  • Widely known for its long-term vision – “Make a difference in the life of every employee” - Talentnet is now the working home of nearly 200 employees. We believe it is important for employees to enjoy their working life and we are proud of our stable workplace environment with low staff turnover and high employee engagement, maintaining consistency in the level of services we offer to clients.
  • Talentnet has been honored with national prizes as an Excellent Enterprise in 2013, while General Director Tieu Yen Trinh received an Excellent Entrepreneur of Ho Chi Minh City Award in 2012.
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Talentnet has designed a wide range of professional solutions addressing the varied needs and requirements of our clients. Our reach is not limited to strategic HR consulting but also extends to specific HR needs as well. We have concentrated our services into four main categories:

Executive Search – Talentnet’s Executive Search Service offers expertise in the selection of leaders and senior executives for local companies and MNCs. Our services are delivered by experienced consultants with specialized knowledge of either the industry or the profession.

HR Consulting  – Talentnet’s Human Resources Consulting Service offers consultancy and guidance to further enhance your overall HR policies and practices while assisting you with change management. We help you with Organizational Restructuring, Salary Structure Reviews, Performance Management, Competency Frameworks, Assessment Centers, and Succession Planning, as well as a number of other HR challenges and initiatives.

Mercer Salary Surveys – As a representative of Mercer in Vietnam, Talentnet provides compensation and benefit surveys and HR consulting services such as position evaluation, salary structure design, salary benchmarking, and benefits benchmarking.

Payroll and HR Outsourcing – Being a partner of ADP Streamline, which has over 60 years of experience and is AAA rated, Talentnet can manage payroll operations effectively (including Personal Income Tax, Compulsory Insurance, and other statutory requirements), address issues regarding headcount limitations, and provide contract staff for projects and events or replacements for staff on maternity leave.

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Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong

Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong

Head of Payroll and HR Outsourcing Services

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